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At Manifold Church of England Academy, we believe that enjoying reading and writing opens up a world of opportunities. Therefore we aim to offer every child an English curriculum that engages and inspires with texts that link to real-life experiences across the curriculum. At the centre of each topic is a challenging and high-quality core book designed to allow children access to a wide range of texts, styles and authors that extend their experiences of the world. These topics aim to raise our children’s aspirations by providing them with the opportunities that many lack, allowing them to explore a world beyond their community and learn vocabulary they wouldn’t otherwise encounter.  



Topics are taught in termly blocks with the core book and a range of related (including non-fiction and poetry) texts are taught in 20-minute class reading sessions daily. 



Children will enjoy reading and widen the range of books they read for pleasure. They will be able to talk confidently about books they like and why they like them. The children will become more confident writers as they experience different purposes for writing and will use what they have read to inspire their writing. The ‘vocabulary gap’ will be narrowed as children access challenging vocabulary on a daily basis that is repeated across a topic. 



Reading opportunities are given on a daily basis. A wide range of approaches are used to provide first hand experiences for the children. The children are taught in a stimulating environment that is rich in written print.


Shared Reading


Teachers read with pupils a range of texts focusing on comprehension and specific features and model the strategies for reading which the children are working on. This is an opportunity for teachers to demonstrate the act of being a fluent reader. In shared reading, the text chosen is at a level slightly higher than the majority of the class and teachers plan differentiated questions around the text that encourage the children to enjoy, understand, discuss and analyse the written word in a supported environment.


Guided reading 


In Reception and year one, guided reading takes place weekly. Each child has a session supported by their teacher, as well as stimulating and meaningful activities linked to reading, where they are not working directly with the class teacher. Children are given the opportunity to explore books in small groups.


In years 2+, guided reading is taught as a whole class, using focus reading texts which link to focus themes or supplementary high-quality texts or extracts.


Specific reading skills for each year group are taught during guided reading sessions, using reading content domains.

Teachers use a range of resources to support the planning and teaching of reading, for example, Literacy Shed (VIPERS).



Teachers assess reading against age-related descriptors and children undertake half-termly summative assessments using Star Reading test (Accelerated Reader).


 Independent reading


Children also engage in independent, sustained reading during ERIC time (Everyone reading in class). It provides an opportunity for pupils to read and enjoy a range of texts and to apply reading strategies. Children are encouraged to keep their own record of the books they read in their reading diaries. Each class has a collection of materials for the teaching of reading. Across the school, there are:


· books grouped by ZPD and reading levels (where appropriate)


· books reflecting the current topics


· fiction and non-fiction books from which children can select their home reading material


 Accelerated Reader



Accelerated Reader is a national program used to assist in the improvement of pupil’s reading abilities and their comprehension of what they read.  It provides pupils with thousands of book choices (and quizzes) from published scheme books such as Oxford Reading Tree to books by significant authors in order to meet their individual reading needs. Accelerated reader is an integral part of the reading experience at Manifold Church of England Academy. It promotes ‘Reading for Pleasure’ and, we continue to see an improvement in children’s attitudes to reading and their reading ability over this time. The program uses a computer-based test called the STAR reader test that adjusts to the pupil’s individual reading level. Pupils complete a star reading test half termly. We encourage the children to read for a minimum of 30 minutes a day (this can include what they read in school). Children can take a book quiz on fiction and non-fiction books and they can also quiz on their guided reading book (if the book has a quiz).

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