Manifold Church of England Academy

Mission, Values and Aims


Mission Statement


Our Vision

At Manifold Church of England Academy, we have the interests of the whole child at the heart of all that we do. We strive to maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect that is safe and loving, where all individuals can flourish. All this is underpinned by our Christian values for life. 

We have three core values that we focus on each term - all linked to teachings in the Bible. 


Perseverance - linked with the parable of the Lost Coin 

Love - linked with the Good Samaritan

Respect - linked with Creation


Pupils explore other Christian values including: peace, forgiveness, friendship, trust, truthfulness, thankfulness, generosity, hope. 


We strive for:

  • high standards from everyone involved in the school;
  • high status for every person as an individual and
  • high expectations of every child as they strive to further develop their knowledge, skills & understanding and build on their previous successes.



We aim to serve our community by providing an inclusive education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief, values and practice. The governors, headteacher and staff recognise their duty to raise educational standards and deliver a creative curriculum that is broadly-based, well-planned and individualised.

  • We believe that every child is able to reach their maximum potential to become independent critical, reflective life-long learners.
  • We provide an inspirational and stimulating teaching environment so that our children will develop lively minds that are creative, imaginative and enquiring.
  • We nurture our children in a safe and secure caring community where they can develop confidence, positive attitudes and feel valued.
  • We promote Christian values through our work and relationships so that children recognise their relevance throughout their lives.
  • We build positive relationships between children, staff, parents and the wider community which are based on the Christian values of kindness, trust and respect.
  • Our friendly village school enables children to build friendships, enjoy learning and have many happy memories.


Our school motto: 'Love Jesus, Love Others, Love Learning, Love Life' reminds everyone to keep the teachings of Jesus in our thoughts and hearts and that we will always follow his message in all that we do in school.

‘I have come that they may have life and have it to the full’

John 10:10


 Christ at the centre, children aty the heart of all we do. 

Our Christian Values




The aims of our Trust

  • To provide high-quality education in each of our schools.
  • To serve our respective communities and fulfil the Statement of Entitlement from the Board of Education/National Society*
  • Provide every child with new life enriching experiences, instilling a passion and a desire for learning.
  • Develop a highly-skilled teaching and learning team sharing good practice.
  • Further develop our MAT into a robust and resilient high-performing organisation.
  • To secure the financial future of all our schools including the exploration of new business partnerships.
  • As a 'Sponsor Academy', offer schools strategic leadership and a 'system' of school improvement.


Objectives of our Trust

  • Each school will have a School Leader wo will be responsible for the running of each site.  In our larger schools, in support of School Leaders, there may be Assistant School Leaders, Senior Leaders or Key Stage Leaders.
  • School Leaders will be accountable to the Executive Principal (EXP), who will be accountable to The Moorlands Primary Federation (TMPF) Trust Board.
  • Appropriate school policies will be shared to avoid unnecessary repetition and to ensure best practice, whilst not 'cloning' each school as uniqueness of each should be celebrated, just as God made us all unique.
  • Our Federation Subject Leaders (FSL) will be proactive in their work to raise standards.  Their work will be organised via annual Cycle of School improvement strategic plan.  The FSLs will report to the EXP (regularly) and Pupil Welfare, Learning and Achievement Committee on a termly basis.
  • Every child will be set individual, realistic-yet-challenging attainment targets and their progress towards these targets will be regularly monitored and reviewed.
  • Our teaching and learning team will be held accountable for pupil achievement through half-termly Pupil Progress Reviews linked to Performance Management.
  • The assessment of all children will be fit for purpose, thorough, accurate and lead future learning.  Our use of teacher assessment, standardisation, moderation, standardised testing, plus extensive collaborative work, quality assures the accuracy of our assessment process.
  • As a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) we will provide a bespoke broad and balance curriculum that provides high-quality opportunities for all children - meeting the needs of our learners.
  • Children who do not make expected progress within a designated time, will receive high-quality intervention.
  • Highly-skilled Learning Support staff will be deployed where necessary to bring about rapid progress.
  • Parents and carers will be supported to 'co-educate', as we equip them with insightful information on their child's achievement to date and instruction on how best to support them further.  Individual school Parent Forums, facilitate greater depth and higher-quality communication.