I can’t believe we have already reached the end of our second week. You’ve heard the saying, ‘Time flies when you’re having fun!’ We really do hope the children are enjoying being in school, despite us making them work hard!

Thank you!

Thank you for your patience while the internet lines are down. We are hoping to have the situation rectified by Monday (19th September), however a text will be sent to inform you once this has been successful.

Thank you also to all those who were able to join us for our Thursday worship and celebration assembly. We look forward to welcoming you all again next week. (Thursday 22nd at 9:05am followed by tea and coffee until approximately 10am.)

The results are in!

Thank you to all those who put themselves forward for one of our jobs! (School council, Eco council, Worship leader, team captain and librarian. We were really impressed with the effort some children went to in order to encourage people to vote for them. We had posters, talks and canvassing on the playground. We even had one entry from a sick bed! In order to teach the children one of our British values, we had a secret vote to elect our representatives and introduced the word democracy.

House Captain

Slytherin – Jake E

Ravenclaw – Eaton

Hufflepuff – Joe

Gryffindor - Edie

School council





Jack P

Archie Evie

Sam G

Sam B

Eco council




Jacob H



Forest council




Jack G





Jack G





Molly W

Well done to every single person who put themselves forward and to all those elected. The staff are looking forward to working with you.



Well done to our first stars of the week and to our children wining our Friendship certificate (awarded in recognition of children living out our Christian Value – Friendship). Well done also, to all our entrants for the ‘Reading in Unusual Places’ competition. We were delighted that Alex Wolvers from the Diocese agreed to judge it, as we were struggling due to so many fantastic ideas.

Star of the week

EY – Ellie

1/2 – Archie

3/4 – Edie

Christian Value

Friendship – Jack P, Evie

Reading in Unusual Places

Chloe and Isobel H

Jack G

Sam B

Mr Hall

Dojo Winners

1st place


2nd place


3rd place (joint)

Hufflepuck Slytherin


Every week we will publish a chart of individual class attendance. Children in the winning class will be awarded 2 Dojos each. Please try to ensure your child is in school as much as is possible, unless of course they are ill. Please note we have a 48 hour sickness and diahorrea policy. This is to try and prevent widespread outbreaks. Please use the time of the last bout of sickness or diahorrea to start the 48 hour period.

1st place – Y3/4

2nd place – Early Years

3rd place – Y1/2

Change of Details

It is essential that we have up to date contact numbers especially in the event of an emergency. If you have changed any personal details, especially phone contact numbers, over the summer please notify the Mrs Virani in writing as soon as possible.

Social media

As part of our commitment to improving communication with all stakeholders, we have opened a new facebook page: Manifold CofE Academy. We are hoping to use the page to share photographs and examples of work in addition to providing you with updates regarding school life (once our technical issues have been dealt with). Children’s surnames will not be used under any circumstances as safeguarding is our number one priority. A new consent form will be sent out on Monday.


Thank you for supporting our school uniform code. We are aware that there had previously been little guidance with regards to the colour of socks, skirts, trousers etc. Therefore, if you have already purchased some items, please do not worry. Where possible though, please do try to adopt the code. Thank you. We have decided to amend the code slightly to include grey socks for girls.

After School Clubs

Our after school clubs will begin on Monday (19th September) and run from 3:15-4:15pm.

If any parents are interested in supporting at any of these clubs, please speak to the relevant staff member. All clubs are open to children all ages (Nursery – Year 4). In order to help cover the costs of heating, lighting and water, we will be making a small charge for some of the clubs. Please send your child’s money into school in a sealed, labelled envelope.



Staff members involved:




Stoke City Football Club



Running club (12-12:30pm) Choir (3:15pm)

Mrs Marchant and Miss



Miss Perry and Mrs Ackers

No charge





Art and Craft club

Mrs Savage and Mrs Goldstraw



‘Outrageous Outdoors’

Miss Easter, Miss Lipp and

Mrs Critchlow (alternate weeks)




Mrs Ackers supported by

Miss Turner (every other week)


We are in the process of creating a new school information pack containing such details which you will receive shortly.


Out of school/Holiday club

Thanks to Mrs Hill for organising the recent survey which looked at before and after school provision and holiday club care. The governors briefly discussed this as an agenda last night; however, we do not want to rush into something without ensuring that we are providing a quality provision at an affordable cost for parents. Therefore, we are going to invite Mrs Hill to attend our next meeting (after half term) to discuss the findings in more detail. The setting up of a provision is something we are keen to do, however, at the earliest it would be January if not after Easter. We will keep you updated of any developments.

Governing Body

The governing body met last night. It was agreed at the meeting that the word ‘interim’ be dropped as it implied that the governing body would only be active for a short space of time, possibly resulting in instability for the school. The current members are all extremely keen to see our school grow and develop and would like to be part of the whole journey as opposed to part of it. Therefore, it was agreed that the current members are the official, permanent members, with the view to growing the body in the future. Mrs Diane Beardsmore was elected as the chair.

Staffing and Trustees

The Trustees held their meeting at our school yesterday. Your hard work over the summer did not go unnoticed. They have asked me pass on their thanks to you all. Thank you!

As principal, I was invited to attend part of the meeting (alongside the two other principals) to discuss how the Trustees could possibly help our school to succeed. Following the meeting, the Trust have agreed to help the school financially this term. Special thanks to Mr Cooper, who as Executive Principal, put a strong case forwards on our behalf. (Contrary to popular belief – Mr Cooper is not a trustee and is as such unable to make decisions on behalf of the school. His role is to support the Principals and to help make suggestions to the Trust.) The money will be used to secure a teacher to cover Y1/2 while Mrs Harris is absent from work. Mr Cooper suggested to the Trustees that the appointment is made up until Christmas to allow staffing stability for the pupils with the added benefit of us having an additional teacher (upon Mrs Harris returning to work after the holiday) to carry out intervention groups. I have been in contact with an experienced teacher this afternoon, who I have arranged to observe teaching within our school on Monday morning. Please be assured that my priority is to find a quality teacher as opposed to a body in the school. Also, the person needs to be able to commit to the full length of time we are offering (until Christmas) as we need a stable workforce and more importantly, the children need to know who to expect in front of them each day.

Parent helpers

If you would like to help in anyway (ie listening to readers, accompanying the children to swimming) we would love to hear from you. If you are interested, please speak to Mrs Virani.

European Languages

To celebrate European Languages Day, children will have the opportunity to learn some basic Welsh

(Roald Dahl’s birthplace)

Dojo Winners

As mentioned last week, we have introduced Dojos as part of our new behaviour and rewards system (online reward system). Each individual can earn Dojos by being good and following our school values of Honesty, Respect, Self belief, determination, passion, teamwork, equality and excellence. These will then be counted and added to their team total with the winners being announced each Thursday. We have now roped the bus drivers into applying the same system, so children might come home with a little card saying, ‘Please award me 1 dojo.’ Please encourage your child to hand the card into their teacher the next morning.

Dinner money

Please send dinner money into school on a Monday. Please make sure this is in a clearly labelled envelope.

PE kits

Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school every Monday.


Please make sure your child has their swimming kit in school on Friday. Years 1-6

Early years foundation stage

All of the children in school have settled in really well but we feel the children in the early years foundation stage should receive special praise for taking to school like ducks take to water. Well done.

Just to clarify – the early years provision that we offer at school is operating under two separate provisions but with the same teaching staff in each. The morning sessions are funded through the maintained nursery grant (15 hours free childcare) with the afternoon sessions operating via our governor run nursery (paid provision at £4 an hour). Unfortunately this means we are currently unable to offer flexibility in terms of accessing the 15 free hours. In simple terms this means – the children can stay with us every morning for free (9-12). If they wish to stay after 12 o’clock there will be a charge. You will be invoiced on a Friday for any afternoons attended in a week. Please make sure your bill is paid on a Monday. Thank you.

PFA News

Don’t forget that ALL our parents are automatically part of our PFA! If you would like us to consider a particular event please let us know. Please be reminded that the next PFA meeting will take place after the Parent Forum meeting on 26th September at 3:15pm. The meeting will include discussing our first event, Harvest Celebration on Thursday 19th October at 6:30pm. Childcare will be provided (if necessary) to assist parents in attending the meeting. Coffee/tea and cakes will also be provided so please do try to come along. You will be very welcome. Before the meeting, please consider what time of day is best for you to attend a meeting and where you would like to meet (school or local pub) as we want as many people as possible to attend future meetings.

Dates for your diary:

19th September 2016

European Languages Morning

19th September 2016

After school clubs start

23rd September 2016

Swimming starts (Y1-4)

26th September 2016

Parent Forum meeting followed by PFA (drinks and cakes provided!)

29th September 2016

School photographer (families, individuals and siblings)

20th October 2016

Harvest celebration followed by pie and pea supper (PFA event) 6:30pm

21st October 2016


3rd December 2016

Christmas Fayre

7th December 2016

Santa Steam Train (approximately £15*)

12th December 2016

Pantomime (approximately £15*)

*If you wish to start paying small amounts each week/fortnightly towards these trips, please see Mrs Virani who will be happy to help.

Staffing next week:

Mrs Etchells will be teaching in Y1/2 Monday morning (Mrs Ackers to observe)

Mrs Ackers will be out of school on Tuesday and Wednesday due to attending training courses and with the diocesan advisor on Thursday.

Miss Louise Simpson (Assistant Principal from Bursley) will be in school on Wednesday and Thursday to help with cover.

We will keep you updated regarding the appointment of a supply teacher for Y1/2.

Have a fantastic weekend. See you all on Monday.

J Ackers

Mrs Ackers and the team