January 11th to 17th is National Obesity Awareness Week. As School Nurses, part of our role is to participate in Public Health Activities to encourage healthy lifestyles and healthier outcomes for Children Young People and their Families in our communities. You can access the School Nurse Service for any support or further information that you may require to achieve this. School Nurses can give advice on healthy food choices, healthy lunchboxes, healthier cooking, increasing exercise and can signpost as required. The North Staffordshire School Nursing Team can be contacted on 07713303644 or please contact your Named School Nurse. Further information can also be found on:

www.nhs.uk/Livewell/Goodfood/Pages/Healthyeating www.nhs.uk/change4life




Apologies for any inconvenience caused today. We hope you managed to have some fun in the snow!

Children’s safety was at the heart of decision making.

Star of the week:

EY – Ellie and Annie

Y1 – Jack P

Y2,3,4 – Evie

Christian value:

Love – Hannah B

Dojo winners:

1st - Hufflepuff

2nd - Gryffindor

Joint 3rd – Slytherin &


Get well soon!

Sending lots of love and speedy get well wishes to William S and James. We can’t wait to welcome you both back to school soon.


for week beginning 16th January.

Miss Perry and Mrs Robinson will be doing a job share in early years.

Miss Danforth will be teaching in year 1.

Miss Easter will be teaching in years 2,3,4.

Mrs Ackers will be withdrawing groups of children during the week to deliver extra reading, phonics, English and Maths lessons.

As always, the children come first when considering staffing for the week. If you do have any questions or concerns, please do get in touch.

Mrs Ackers will be leaving school at 3:30pm on Tuesday in order to attend a Music meeting at Churnet View.


A polite reminder, please make sure any monies are sent in in a clearly labelled envelope. Please send this in on a Monday where possible and by Thursday at the very latest. Where possible, please inform the catering staff of hot dinner requests for the week on a Monday. Apologies for any inconveniences caused.


Thank you for supporting us with our school uniform policy. Hopefully you received an order form last week. Please send in any forms and monies by Friday 20th January at the very latest.

Dates for your diary:

Cross country team (participants will receive a separate letter) Wednesday 25th

January at 10am. (Waterhouses)

Cross country event Wednesday 8th February.

Thursday 16th February – Full governing body meeting Half term: 20th – 24th February.

A more detailed calendar will be sent home shortly.