The internet is a fantastic place overflowing with knowledge, games and communities of people, and  just like pupils across the country, the pupils here at Manifold Church of England Academy spend time using the internet within school and at home. This is why it is important pupils learn how to be safe when browsing online and becoming members of online communities.

Safe Searching

One way to make browsing the internet safer at home is to use a 'safe search' search engine. Below are links to searchengines designed for children to use on the internet:

Safe Search Kids

Ask For Kids

 Kids Click


Home Internet filtering

We also encourage parents to set up filtering on their home internet. To learn how to do this for the major Internet providers please click on one of these links:

Internet matters

UK safer Internet

We also suggest parents visit the website link below for up to date information on Facebook privacy settings, as whilst we know that no children under the age of 13 should be on Facebook, if they are then they should be educated as to how to ensure they are safe:

YouTube Education

YouTube have a site dedicated to education that includes educational material suitable for children:


In school, children learn about E-Safety. We also encourage parents/carers to talk to their children about how to behave safety when online, to ensure pupils remain safe when browsing at home. Our aim is to ensure that our children know to report any inappropriate content, contact or conduct they encounter online to CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) by visiting this page and clicking the report button below:

CEOP also has a great website of information on E Safety called Think U Know. The website provides excellent clear guidance for parents and children about E-Safety, so please click on one of the following links and have a read: there are separate sites for Parents, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2:


Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

Discussing online safety with your children

The following short clips are useful when discussing online safety with your child.

Children aged 5 - 7

Children aged 8 - 10



We are proud to support the charity ACE (Africa's children in Education). The primary focus of ACE is to help to make the dream of one man come true - that the small, rural village, an impoverished area on the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, should have its own English speaking primary school. Arise Community School opened its doors in January 2013 with one classroom, one teacher and 11 children. By November 2014, there were four teachers and 88 children, with a third classroom almost completed. If you would like to find out more information about ACE, please visit their website:

So far, we have raised funds through:

  • A bucket collection at our Harvest festival.
  • Cake sale
  • Sponsored swimathon


We are fortunate that our church, St Lawrences, is close to the school and the children are able to visit for services and as part of their Religious studies. We see the parish as an extension of the school community. When the children take part in celebrations in church, parishioners, as well as parents and friends, are always welcome.

St Lawrence Church

The vicar, Prebendary Lawrence Price, regularly visits us in school to lead worship and help the children to understand their own faith and that of others. Children particularly enjoy listening to Reverend Price's stories.

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We contribute to the Parish Benfice magazine each month. This enables members of the parish and community to glean an insight into school life.